Jan 5 2010

Supplies for Cemetery Hunting

After a decade of wandering to cemeteries unprepared I have finally put together a bag of things to keep in my car – those things I have been caught without MORE than once.

Water and towels for cleaning gravestones (I’m talking about cleaning stones intact and fairly modern – old sandstone stones are an entirely different animal.)

Camera. Flash. Batteries. (After taking this picture, I drove 2 hours, forgot to charge my camera and it died after I took the first picture at the cemetery.)

Paper and something to make rubbings with (I have crayons.)

Knife/scissors – something sharp to cut plants.

Map/directions. Something written down – GPS will only get you so far when searching for country cemeteries. If it’s a large cemetery, a map of it and a general location may be needed to make your trip worthwhile. (Yes, I had to go back into the house to get my written directions after I forgot to put them in the bag.)

Bag to hold everything in.